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Sydney, Jan. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sydney, New South Wales –

Clean Group, one of the most reputable commercial cleaners Sydney NSW, is a company that’s known for always looking for new ways to satisfy its customers. This includes everything from offering the latest and best business cleaning methods to constantly taking steps to improve its already noteworthy customer service. It’s a company that also places a strong emphasis on the little things to enhance its clients’ experience when doing business with them. This is something that Clean Group’s CEO, Suji Siv, thought was important to expand upon further. He says, “For us here at the clean group, our job has always been bigger than just providing top-notch commercial cleaning services. We also believe in going above and beyond when it comes to treating our client businesses’ the right way and doing the little things right. I feel this is why we have remained among the most sought-after commercial cleaning services in Sydney for so many years.”

Clean Group’s CEO went on to mention that the little things a client business will get when they hire them to do commercial cleans starts with exceptional communication. They are always very quick to respond to any businesses’ inquiries about their commercial cleaning services and to any client business that has questions or concerns regarding their services. He also talked about how they are willing to go to a prospective client’s business for a no-cost commercial cleaning assessment and how they will do the same for current clients that want to have their cleaning situation reassessed at some point. Clean group also places a strong emphasis on being an environmentally friendly business. This includes the use of only non-toxic cleaning chemicals that leave no harmful residue that can affect a company’s employees’ health and pose no threat as pollutants to land or water when disposed of. This commercial cleaning service even has policies in place to deal with current office cleaning concerns; such was the case when they quickly incorporated advanced Covid cleaning methods into their cleaning routines during the ongoing pandemic. To remain a top commercial cleaning Sydney service, Clean Group also does what it takes to keep its trust level with its clients extremely high and constantly draws from its over 20 years of commercial cleaning experience to continually improve its service. Something that Siv stated they will continually strive to do as long as they are in business.

Those that have used Clean Group’s commercial cleaning services often leave reviews that indicate they are very impressed with the company. Elliot Lee stated, “This was my first time using a professional cleaning service. Until now, the job was handled by my in-house cleaner. But, when we moved to a bigger office, we instantly knew it was time to hire a professional …….


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